Red Castle Games

How it all began...

After a couple of years of joking about the idea, Matthew Micetic and Evan Halbert started Red Castle Games. Those two founding game lovers opened Red Castle's doors for business in March 2010 with almost nothing in stock and zero advertising. Since then, the local gaming community has been generous and enthusiastic in their support of our business. We focus on the kinds of games that encourage community and real face to face human interaction, from a lighthearted game of Uno to regular Magic: The Gathering tournaments and pitched Warhammer 40K battles on one of our custom-built tables. We have artist group meetings, game developer/playtest nights, even chess.

Our regulars’ diverse interests and inclusive demeanor create a casual, friendly environment for beginners, grizzled veterans, and just about anyone looking to hang out for an hour. You could walk in and quickly find yourself seated in our sizable gaming area with a few folks inviting you to a game of Dungeons & Dragons, Catan, Pandemic, CLANK!, Mysterium, or anything else from our free-use game library.

Either way, we try to provide a pleasant, inviting location for our customers to become part of a growing community and to discover games new and old!